Monday, January 16, 2017

Debate the doubters

I am at a friends place right now. He also happens to be a beta user of Trici, the product I am building. He was explaining to me why my product would not work. He talked about the alternatives people could use. This was a good discussion. As the discussion progressed, I was able to convey to him why I thought that people would switch from the alternatives to using Trici.

When the discussion started I was not so sure footed. His arguments and points made me think. I did not come up with anything new. But I analysed my hypothesis against the arguments presented. And after a lengthy discussion came to the conclusion that the hypothesis still holds. Its yet to be proven though.

But this discussion reinforced my belief that Trici is solving a pain point. It motivated me to work faster to prove my hypothesis. 


  1. Is a version available to use and test?

  2. What is Trici? Google search gave something about a person.

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