Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Answer

In my previous post I had written about the dilemma I was facing. Well it seems that the dilemma is no more! And the answer is I will be using ASP.NET and Microsoft tools for developing whatever I develop henceforth.

So how did I arrive at such a decision? Firstly, if you have read my previous post, I do have a soft corner for Microsoft Software and Technologies. This is because I have used them before and find it easy to pick up.

Secondly, my work in the new role will revolve around .NET. Hence, the obvious choice seems to be .NET. Through this week I realized that developing a full-blown web-app in any language/technology/platform/framework involves in-depth knowledge. And as I have to work on .NET I might as well use it.

So the decision has been made. Its going to be C# and ASP.NET 2.0 all the way for the next few months.

Also Mr. Bob Tabor's videos I downloaded from msdn tilted the balance towards .NET and Visual Studio. For more about that visit MSDN Beginner Developer

In the posts to follow this, I will post about things that I learn about .NET, probably about how to get certified and other useful things as well.

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