Monday, October 8, 2007

Hello World!

The first example that any book on any programming language will give you is that of a program to print "Hello World".

So I have titled this post as Hello World, wishing all you readers a big hello. Welcome to my blog on the technology that I am learning which I want to share with all you people out there.

I am working as a Sofware Engineer in a Software Services Firm catering to the parent company which is a Retail giant in the world. Apart from the work that I do I am generally interested in technology, specially the Internet. Hence I thought it was high time that I started sharing whatever I learn with the world out there. I have greatly benefitted from the numerous blogs and posts by various people and I hope that whatever I post here will be beneficial for someone. I have a busy schedule and might find it difficult to post regularly but I will try my best and hope that this blog does not turn out to be one that is deleted.

People interested in contributing to this blog are invited. Please send me a mail at singh[dot]shashishekhar[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in forming a blogging team.


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