Friday, November 30, 2007

Value & Reference Types in C#

Sometime in Ocotber when I had started to brush up my concepts about C#, there was a serious doubt in my mind. I was confused as to how were arguments passed in C# and what exactly were value and reference types.

Recently I read an article which is the best I have read so far on this topic. Haven't found anything like that in books also. So if you are confused or just want to revise on the concepts, read this article.

This was really helpful in understanding the concepts which are very important for Certification. I might post some points to remember but you know ... posting also consumes quite a lot of time....!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

FYI-ASP.NET Resources

Since I was back from vacation I have been trying to build a momentum in my learnings of C#. The internet is as good a source as any but still I have a habit of buying books, even though I may not finish reading it.Recently , I was just at Crossword and stumbled upon the C# Black Book. Ever since I got into programming i have found a Black book at my side always handy. It doesn't necessarily give you the complete concept but the practical examples and real code that you get in the book can serve as a good source for reference. And yeah, without thinking much, I bought it.

I was trying to build a simple web app for inventory management. For this I was using the new membership controls that Microsoft have provided you in ASP.NET 2.0. A very good resource to understand this new feature and indeed almost anything regarding ASP.NET is the site 4guysfromrolla. "When you think ASP, think" No doubts about that! I am already fan of Scott Mitchell,founder of the site. Go through his articles on membership and you will understand why. He has also written a lot of articles on a whole range of features which I am sure will be very useful. After going through his article, I was able to merge the database schema for membership with my own schema of course resolving issues with help from msdn forums.

He has also written about how to build a 3-tier application on msdn. This was something I had been looking for a while and was ecstatic when I read the article. You can read that here.

A lot of things happening at the professional front as well. Hopefully things will sort out for the good.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Break

I was on vacation for quite some time now. But good news is I am back and hopefully rejuvenated to get alive and kicking once again! Gotta buck up! Come on!!