Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Making the World a Better Place - The Microsoft Way

In my previous post I had talked about Microsoft and how it has had to bow down to open source and change some of its strategies. So how does this impact you and me and the world in general? Some people may argue with the Microsoft way of doing things. As far as the Web is concerned I tend to agree with them. Google has outwitted Microsoft on the web by leaps and bounds. But come to the desktop and Windows is THE operating system used worldwide. Using Windows is so easy that anybody can learn it! That is why it is so popular. Another thing which I have liked about Microsoft is Visual Studio and the way they want developers to to develop applications. Many Java people would tend to disagree with that, but frankly speaking, I was tired of setting the environment and classpath and whatever you do to get a simple "Hello World" program to run.

Java is a beautiful language to learn. I have touched Java, and perhaps that is the reason why I like C#(which is a rip off from Java). But I never could end up programming in Java. Its not that I did not try, but I just wasnt able to acquaint myself with the IDE or the language. Probably, I needed some good company to learn Java.

Anyway, I find Microsoft tools easy and familiar to use. Many of the things in .NET framework are taken care of and you dont have to worry about them. Of course, you may curse Microsooft when you are stuck in a runtime exception and not knowing if the fault is in your code or Microsoft generated code!

But the crux of the matter is, for guys like me who are beginning web development, if you dont keep things simple, we would end up studying finance!!When you have an idea which can change the way the world is today, implementing that idea should be as easy and simple as possible. I believe Microsoft does this and hence enables hundreds of dreamers like me to pursue and try ideas which may destroy the world! Just imagine right at this moment, a hundred people are thinking/working on an idea which may change the world, fine tuning the idea and not worrying about how to do it.

These ideas may make the World a better place - and Microsoft IMO is helping them immensely.


  1. Btw studying finance is not an easy job.Haahaha Its is the most challenging field. Whereas programming requires a lot lower intensity of brains IMO.

  2. Agreed..Finance is pretty challenging ... I was just saying that the trend nowadays is even people who are interested in programming end up studying finance (the MBA rush) because of higher salaries in financial sector...When you are debugging an application but are unable to find a fix after your best of the best efforts...you begin to wonder what are you doing writing code when all your friends and relatives have finished their MBA's and earning thrice as much as you...so you end up studying finance as well...