Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Microsoft vs Open Source - Strike 2!!

I wasn't really aware about the open source hoopla till my first year in college when thanks to my dear friends Shashank Shekhar and Darshan Santani, I heard about Linux. It was the first time that I had heard of an operating system other than Windows. Well, I have come a long way since then. I even gave a seminar on Linux to educate and spread awareness amongst my classmates about the Open Source and Free Software Movement. Though I tried at times to learn Linux I never really could get over using Windows.

Anyway, I have always liked people who love Linux. They remind you of the Freedom Fighters of India, fighting for Independence through non-violent means; the 60's and 70's generation of US fighting for world peace and an end to the Vietnam War through Rock Music. Those kind of people in this decade and the previous ones have been fighting against the Microsoft View of software. It has been a long and hard battle between the 2, but clearly we see a strong movement in Open Source and Free Software which has gained momentum which has sent alarm bells ringing in Redmond. Read this and you will know how the movement has forced Microsoft to change its viewpoint.

You must be wondering why I called this post as Strike 2!! Well, in my previous post I had mentioned how the Express Editions of Microsoft tools were really a response to the growing popularity of Open Source and Free Software Development packages. That in my view was Strike 1 for Microsoft! Recently, Microsoft announced that it is going to provide students with its Professional Development tools for free. Also, it is going to share details of some of its technology with open source developers. This for me has been Strike 2!

I am not a Microsoft hater like some people. I just tend to disagree with some of their moves at times. I am just happy that more people will be able to contribute to innovation using Microsoft tools!


  1. Open source is now just not a freedom movement. many of the huge names like Sun and IBM are investing heavily into it.. commercial sites like shadi.com and bigadda.com are completely build using web 2.0 (open source. no wonder that microsoft is also changing its stance...

  2. true..... open source has moved from being a movement to a feasible business model....that is why the reaction by Microsoft...btw Microsoft today shared a code for its new research OS Singular... you can find it at www.codeplex.com

  3. Well I am an avid user of Ubuntu. I support them fulltime. I really like your take on it. I mean have you ever thought why open source being so popular in folklore doesn't sell? Try checking this article of Linus Trovalds on slashdot.com , its a worth read. Atheism,Open source and education is where a certain percent of my money goes every month as contribution.

    Keep blogging!
    Roshan Daniel