Thursday, March 27, 2008

.NET and Open Source

Generally one would not associate Microsoft .NET with open source. But I have come across 2 tools built on .NET which are Open Source and free to use.From the looks of it , they seem to be pretty impressive.I have used one of them PAINT .NET, which is an alternative for GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. I have never used Photoshp but seen some people use it. Paint .NET is pretty impressive in those terms. It may not the features the experts look for(don know coz its really not my cup of tea), but it sure has some nice features of an image editor. Here are some of my pics that I modified with it.

Impressive, isn't it? You can download it from Another one is Creative Docs .NET. I haven't tried that one as yet but it should be as good I guess.


  1. Sassy .net is open source, all its specifications are open. But, IDE is not and there are number of open source projects in .net. Aforge, Sharpdevelop just to mention a few...

  2. Psychs... All the specs of .NET are not open. Just the core features of the platform are Open and that is why we have Mono... However, WinForms and ASP.NET are patented technologies, and even though mono provides an implementation of both of them, people generally are skeptic of Microsoft's intentions of suing people for patent infringement.. Remember the hue and cry when Microsoft during its deal hat with Novell (which actually is the driving force behind mono)said that many open source developers were actually using patented technology for free and Microsoft had the right to sue them.. that was mostly due to people using winforms and I guess... anyway more on that can be found at

    I have installed Sharpdevelop as well, but I feel the express editions of Visual studio are sufficient for my needs.