Monday, September 15, 2008

All India Anti Terrorist Front - Website Hacked?

After the Delhi blasts, I was discussing with my friends that what could be done by the people to fight terrorism. During this discussion, All India Anti Terrorist Front was mentioned. I remember the organization had its office near Mandir Marg, New Delhi because it used to be on the way to my uncle's house. I was wondering what was this organization doing in the wake of recent terror attacks. So I googled to find their website. And guess what I found?


The site is marked as harmful by Google. When you click on the link of the site you get the following warning.


I wanted to be surprised, but given the hi-tech nature of the terrorists, I was not.  This organization seems to be defunct and dead. Do any of you know of any similar organization? What can we do to fight terrorism?

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  1. I think the Anti-Terrorist team must have some excellent people in computer and network security. They must encourage the work in these areas in the various research institutions in the country..

    I am sorry to say but computer security is still taken less seriously in India.