Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving towards an Instant World

I love Google Instant Search. It is fast and it has changed the way I search. I expect the search behavior of other users may be changing as well. A question that comes to mind is how is your website affected if it does not feature in the top results. I think users are more likely to change the search query rather than navigate to the next page, when using instant search. 

But apart from web search, Instant is going to change the way applications are developed. The first one which came to my mind is helpdesk software. Imagine a call center operator having access to instant results. He/She can keep talking and search for a resolution to your problem in their knowledge base. Instant results means less chances of putting you on hold. Faster search results could mean lesser Minutes per Incident. Just as my web search behavior has changed, call center operators will change current ways to better handle calls and provide more resolutions. A direct benefit to the customer is in cases where talking to an operator is charged, such as when you now call Airtel helpline and talk to a human being, you are charged. If the operator takes less time answering your call, you save money. 

I think this is a good idea which will make its way into the market sooner or later. A good idea for a startup? I am not so sure. After all, how much time would it take for current helpdesk companies to bring this feature into their products?

What do you think?

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