Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laziness leads to Innovation

So many times in the past year, I would return home to find that someone else has parked his/her bike/scooty in the spot where I usually park. Those who have faced this would know just how irritating it is. But a few weeks back, things changed.

Troubled by the chaos and bashing that ensued every morning, when people staying in the apartment complex left for their offices, the new security guard divided the whole parking area into parking spots. The parking space is now managed very efficiently and there is no confusion. It has been designed by the security guard so brilliantly that there is no way a vehicle gets stuck (at least I haven't found any design flaw till now). So now he does not need to be woken up in the morning to pus some bike out of the way.

I was amazed by the design of the parking space. But I was astonished that a security guard who has basic education designed the parking space so efficiently. I know some of my batchmates from engineering would not get it right.

The only motivation for doing this was the guard did not want to be disturbed early in the morning while he was sleeping. Did laziness lead to innovation in this case?

What do you think?

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  1. I doubt laziness would be the reason (of course it is the added benefit)...
    lekin mujhe lagta hai ki wo daily ka jhig-jhig se pareshan ho gaya hoga... :)

  2. as far as we engineers doing that flawless design is concerned... i'll say forget it...

    Long back I read a quotation by Oscar Wilde "Common sense is not so common"... All gr8 jobs needs more of common sense than any thing else..

    Moreover do u remember "I WAS BORN INTELLIGENT BUIT EDUCATION RUINED ME"!!! :)