Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The impact of Babajob

Just heard this story from a friend of mine, Raj.

Raj's friend wanted to discontinue the services of his driver and asked him to stop coming to work. The driver taken aback and worried about his future asked for a month's notice to search for a job. Raj when hearing of this, suggested the driver to register on so that he will be able to search for driver jobs.

Within a fortnight, the driver had multiple job offers and took up an offer at a business which was paying him 14,000 per month plus food. This was a significant increase from the 10,000 per month that the driver was earning. The driver, Raj told me, was super happy in finding such a better job so easily without running around too much.

It was heartening to hear this story from my friend. In our day to day work, keeping the servers up, fixing bugs, developing new features etc, we don't always get a first hand account of the impact of the work that we are doing. One of the goals at Babajob is to create a radical efficiency in the informal job market, so that people like that driver also have the power of easily searching and finding jobs which they like.

To talk about such goals is one thing. But to hear a story from someone, that your work is indeed making a difference, is just simply amazing.

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