Sunday, April 13, 2014


Take your time figuring out what is your next mission. What is the objective? What are you targeting? Know the constraints within which you work. Think about the calculated risks you would want to take.

And once you have a picture where you think you can proceed - START and FOCUS.

Weed out the things around you that distract you. Even though it may seem counter intuitive. Just focus on reaching your target.

You try and you fail - but the failure is the worst when you did not focus, because without focus you will not be able to identify the finer points that lead to failure. That closing of your eyes when the opponent hits a ball for a smash while playing ping pong, resulting in you always losing a point on smash. You missing plucking the 5th string while strumming the guitar, wondering why doesn't your strumming though good, doesn't quite sound the way you want it to.

You will identify these minute but important lapses, only if you have focus.

Otherwise, you can keep trying and keep working hard, but you won't make much progress.

So focus - try and repeat. Keep at it. You are getting better!

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  1. focus is the key to unlock the treasures of your own mind and creativity.arise and awake!~