Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Convenience and Choices

Convenience plays a big part in choices we make. Given a choice, one would by default choose something that is more convenient/cheaper etc. This should make choices simple and it does in so many cases. But as we know that is not always the case. Sometimes bad choices disguise themselves with convenience and we make a mistake and learn. The tricky part is when you have two seemingly good choices. On the surface one seems obviously better than the other and while there is a voice in your head which is still unsure, you make the choice that seems better. As time passes, the voice in your head grows a little louder. You obviously made the right choice so why is the voice in your head still there.
This is because the seemingly good choice seemed better only because of convenience. In fact, if you remove the element of convenience, what seemed like a good choice may not even seem like a choice anymore because that is not what you really wanted. This becomes even more interesting because it is not always clear what you really want. Which is why advertising is such a big industry. When you see something everyday, it gets programmed as a want in your head.
If there is a voice in your head it is worth thinking why its there.

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