Sunday, June 25, 2017

The One Metric

In a conversation today, I said the biggest plus of YC SS was the weekly office hours, which got one to focus back on whats important. But as I was reflecting it over now, I realized that the first thing YC SS did was to make you identify the one metric that needs to grow.

This simple step in itself is so important. Identifying this will drive what questions you ask users, what information you seek out of them. Basically, it will drive the direction which the iterations of ur product take. Overtime, as you learn from users, either of 2 things happen. You realise that you are measuring the wrong metric or your metric should start improving.

While I am building Trici primarily for developers, many have noted that it can be useful for other use cases as well.The beauty of the one metric is that whatever the use case, it still accurately indicates the health of your product.

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