Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hitting Targets

In any company, however big or small, one is always chasing targets.

Sales teams are chasing sales targets, engineering teams are chasing shipping targets.

If your startup is consistently missing targets, that is a sign of an underlying problem. Could be lack of product market fit or insufficient number of people on the team.

Focus on hitting targets. Start hitting targets. Get into the habit of hitting targets.

This weekend I again missed hitting a target I had set for myself. Some of it was to do with the fact that I faced some issues as I updated the node modules of the project. But surely not all of it.

I should think about why I am not following my own restrictions.

I am right now reminded of the penguins from Madagascar and their skipper saying. "Don't give me excuses, give me results"

In reality, I am completely burnt out.

The question is, what other option do I have but to carry on.  

Back to writing

As I published my last blog post, I realised I had not written anything in 2018.

Yes, that sums up 2018.

2019 should be different for the one reason that I am learning touch typing and have become slightly faster and better at typing.

I started writing a design brief for an intern that I am looking to hire. The process of writing reminded me of something that I had forgotten. How writing helps one think through the issues at hand and where to focus on.

Hopefully this state of mind continues. I have vowed to write more often earlier as well but never followed through.

Mind games

The odds of success survival of a startup are very low.

The odds of survival of a startup with a solo founder are probably lower.

The odds of survival of a startup with a solo founder and no team members, also dealing with issues on the personal front are probably zero, or almost.

Every day I get up, one part of my mind reminds of these odds, the time that has gone by and how these odds have not changed but probably gotten worse. How a year has passed and I still don't have answers to questions.

Every day this part of my mind tells me to let it go for now. Join a job take a break from entrepreneurship. A break will do me a world of good. Figure out and settle other questions that occupy the mind space


But then the other part of my mind reminds me. I did try to settle other questions that occupy my mind space but despite my best efforts, they remain unresolved.  What I have is time wasted trying to answer those questions. Time which could have been utilised answering questions that my startup faces. So yes, the odds are against me, but it is the small actions that one takes each day that change the odds.

So yes, for me every day is a battle between that portion of my mind that reminds me how badly the odds are stacked against me and that portion which says, yes the odds are stacked against you, but your action today will change the odds in your favour.

 Keep at it.

Let's see how long this lasts.