An engineer at heart, I love to solve interesting problems and execute ideas by walking The Path of the Doer.

I am currently on the lookout for opportunities to work with teams that have their culture designed for working remotely. Having started up before, I have the mindset of a founder. I love coding and am primarily a full stack developer. However, I have managed engineering teams and am also interested in exploring roles such as that of a Product Manager. I am currently working on an MVP to improve developer productivity and productivity of product teams.

Most of the stuff that I have built has been on the .NET platform. But I am working towards changing that. I have varied interests - in the types of products I want to build, or the framework or language that I may want to use, thus I welcome a conversation to explore any synergies.

Till recently, or Spring 2015 to be specific, I was Head of Engineering @ Babajob, a startup which is trying to revolutionize how hiring is done for blue collared jobs in India. And by doing so it is impacting the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid. Before that, I founded Mauryan Web and conceptualized, built and launched CAT NINJA, a product for students preparing for MBA exams in India. Before that I worked at the Tesco HSC. To know briefly about my work at these places, please check out my linkedin profile or even better, reach out to me at  singh dot shashishekhar AT gmail dot com.

I am intrigued as much by business problems as I am by technical problems. However, sometimes I just go to a beach and say "Where the eff is the Tsunami?"

Where the eff is the Tsunami?

I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering, majoring in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, from Manipal Institute of Technology.  That's the same major and school as Satya Nadella ;)